FruitMasters has over 300 cool cells in which apples and pears are cooled. We use various cooling methods so that we can deliver the best quality product. FruitMasters tests and measures every aspect of the product cooling, 24 hours a day.

Cold rooms for fruit

FruitMasters has thee locations for cooling fruit: Geldermalsen, Ochten and Wijk bij Duurstede. Capacity is also leased. We have around 300 cells of different sizes. All our cells are suitable for Ultra Low Oxygen (ULO) storage, with temperatures of 0 to 5 degrees. Our cold stores are equipped with ultra-modern technology.

Ideal storage conditions

FruitMasters performs ongoing research into the optimum storage regimes for new and existing varieties in 30 mini test cells. We vary the temperature, oxygen and CO2 levels to determine the ideal storage conditions. FruitMasters has five different storage methods to ensure the best quality for each variety: ULO, ULO+/DCS, Mechanical, Gas and Smartfresh. FruitMasters knows the quality of its fruit in its cold stores. Because we continuously monitor quality, we can guarantee the best result.


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