Fruit packing

FruitMasters is a service provider for the packing of fruit. After sorting the product, the fruit is packed in FruitMasters packaging or specific customer packaging. We provide excellent fruit packaging for fruit delivered anywhere in the world. We focus on protecting the fruit in combination with professional presentation of the packaging.

Packing apples and pears

We have numerous packaging options for apples and pears. These include an assortment of barrels, wooden crates, plastic barrels and cardboard boxes of various sizes and weights. Once the packaging has been filled with the fruit, it is placed on a conveyor belt. Here the apples can be stickered and the barrel provided with a label.

FruitMasters can also provide smaller fruit packaging materials such as bags, bowls or 1 kilogram punnets. Punnets are mainly used for pears. These are sealed with a net or with flow wrap foil. When sealed with a net, we can place a handle on the packaging.

Apple waxing

FruitMasters waxes apples at its location in Geldermalsen. Wax provides a protective layer over the apple, makes them shiny and keeps them crispier and juicier. The wax is odourless and tasteless, non-sticky and, of course, meets food safety requirements.

Packing soft and stone fruits

The sorting and packing station also packs many different soft and stone fruits, such as cherries, plums, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, red currents and blueberries. The automatic packing machine weighs 400 grams of cherries each time and then places these cherries in a clamshell packaging. The lid is closed and then automatically labelled.


An inspector is always present at our sorting and packing station to check the quality of the fruit. This guarantees that the right quality is dispatched to the consumer in the right packaging.


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