Transport of fruit

Transporting vulnerable products like fruit requires special care, temperature-controlled deliveries and punctual delivery. FruitMasters will be happy to help you choose the right mode of transport for your fruit.

Fruit transport options

Fruit can be transported in a temperature-controlled environment in various ways. It can be transported by road, but in some cases it may be better to use sea or air freight. We will be happy to help you arrange the transport as efficiently as possible to guarantee the quality of our Dutch fruit.

FruitMasters air freight

FruitMasters has the knowledge and expertise to export fruit to distant destinations. We arrange the process of delivering the fruit to the customer from A to Z. Selected growers pick the soft fruit according to existing protocols to guarantee the best product for transport by air. After packing the product, we wrap the packaging in specially designed covers. The product arrives by temperature-controlled transport at its intended destination, anywhere in the world, within 72 hours.


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