Refreshing & stimulating

Morgana® is refreshing because of its balanced, mildly sweet taste, invigorating juiciness and tropical aroma. A bite of this apple will give you renewed energy and keep you balanced throughout the day.

The ideal apple for a tasty and healthy snack with lots of flavour.

  • Extremely juicy flesh
  • Deep red skin
  • Balanced aroma, characterised by tropical tones


Sliced or eaten whole with peel. Each bite has a perfectly balanced aroma with a slightly fruity taste. Not too sweet and not too sour. Mildly sweet, just right.


Morgana® is a bi-coloured apple, characterised by a bright, natural red colour with yellow shades. Medium sized.

Extremely juicy

Morgana® is extremely juicy and that makes it a contemporary apple, perfectly attuned to the latest trends: a thirst-quenching and nourishing snack.

Bite & display life

Wonderfully crisp. The firm apple structure comes from its retention of hardness (7 kg/cm2), giving it an unbeatable display life.


Morgana® is exclusively available from FruitMasters in the Netherlands:

  • Box 7 kg single-layer loose
  • EPS crate 7 kg single-layer loose
  • 4-piece tray with cardboard sleeve
  • 5 kg bag

The growers of Morgana®

Morgana® is grown in various parts of the Netherlands, from the lime-rich and moisture-regulating loess soil of southern Limburg to the fertile clay soil in the Rivierenland, Zeeland and Flevopolder.


Morgana® (variety name: Kizuri) was created as a cross between Golden Delicious and NY75413-30. It is an attractive apple that has a predominantly bright red skin with greenish-yellow shades. The flesh is crisp and very juicy with a balanced, mildly sweet flavour, characterised by a tropical aroma.

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