Food safety

Food safety means that a consumer may not become ill or suffer injury from consuming an item of food. Food safety is a global concern, not just because of its importance to public health, but also because of the impact on international trade. Our fruit contains vital nutrients like vitamins and carbohydrates. Our products are not only delicious, they are also really good for you. FruitMasters takes its responsibility seriously and devotes a great deal of attention to food safety in the chain. The various certificates held by the growers and FruitMasters are the written proof.


An important link for guaranteeing quality and food safety is traceability. All the factors in the chain are identified in our Grower Registration System (GRS), from details of the land to the use of crop protection products. Byregistering, measuring and inspecting all aspects from start to finish, we can guarantee food safety. You receive the products you demand: safe products with the desired quality.


Our fruit meets Dutch and global food safety standards, but we also observe customer-specific requirements, such as Tesco Nurture. The basis for a healthy and safe product is the responsibility of the fruit grower. They therefore have GlobalG.A.P. certification. FruitMasters holds the BRC, IFS and IFS Broker certificates at the highest level. We are also QS certified.

GLOBALG.A.P. Chain of Custody


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