Fruit sorting

FruitMasters sorts each type of fruit in its own way, resulting in a homogeneous product. Using modern technology, FruitMasters can tailor the product to meet the most diverse customer needs. Because the products are physically present in Geldermalsen, FruitMasters can immediately respond if a customer requires a consignment the same day.

Sorting of apples and pears

Every apple is approved on size, colour, weight and external and internal quality. The iFA measuring system determines the internal properties, such as the Brix value and any internal problems. The iQS measuring system determines the external properties of the fruit. The apple passes through the camera unit rotationally where sixty images are made of the skin of each piece of fruit. The software analyses the images. Once their quality has been assessed, the apples roll in water-filled buffer channels via a selection process, where they are collected per quality label. Pears are also sorted through iFA and iQS measuring. The software analyzes these recordings and projects the found defects on a three-dimensional model. This way of sorting allows FruitMasters to select pears more accurate and allows us to sort and pack pears based on specific needs of our customers.

Sorting of soft and stone fruits

FruitMasters sorts cherries, plums, blueberries and red currants at the main location in Geldermalsen. Strawberries, raspberries and blackberries are weighed and packed. The sorting of soft and stone fruits requires specialist handling. Besides hand sorting, FruitMasters has three sorting machines for plums, cherries and blueberries. Depending on the product, these machines can sort by colour, size and hardness. FruitMasters uses a sorting machine to sort cherries and plums within an accuracy of 2 millimetres. As a result, the product perfectly satisfies customer expectations.


The sorting and packing station at FruitMasters meets the highest requirements in terms of hygiene and food safety. We have BRC and IFS food safety certification. FruitMasters also packs under the e-mark. This guarantees a high degree of weight monitoring with strict demands on underweight.

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