Thanks to the diversity of the associated growers at FruitMasters, our range consists of a wide range of Dutch fruit. FruitMasters can also supply exotic, overseas fruit imported from countries including South Africa, China, Australia, Morocco and South America.


FruitMasters offers a complete range of fruit varieties and qualities. We have the capacity to meet any demand at any moment. Thanks to our meticulous sorting process, we can distinguish all internal and external qualities of the fruits. We label the fruit with clear quality labels when we present them to the market.


We believe the very best Class I fruit deserves special attention, with a special name to show for it. That is exactly why the best of Class I fruit is awarded the FruitMasters label Top Prestige. A posh name, perhaps, but then again it is especially reserved for the best of hard fruits on sale.


Balance represents the balance between the constant supply of produce and constant quality. Exactly what you may expect from produce that is available all year round. Class I fruit is given the Balance label, which is further graded into Balance Select, Balance and the Blauw (blue) label.

Ster (‘Star’)

FruitMasters markets Class II fruit under the name ‘Ster’ (‘Star’). Apples and pears branded ‘Ster’ have the internal quality of a Class I fruit, but show exterior deviations. These do not quite meet the high standards of Ster_LogoFruitMasters regarding Prestige and Balance.

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