Joly Red: the red apple from the Dutch Mergelland

Meet Joly Red. A sweet, crispy apple with an intense red color. Perfect to eat fresh. Because of the strong peel, you can store a Joly Red for a long time. Which means: more time to enjoy the apple!

Joly Red is a ruby red apple and was created as a cross between Wellspul and Selektion 104 Cultura Moors. In the Netherlands, Joly Red is mainly grown in the South of the country: the beautiful Mergelland. The flesh is bright and yellow and has a sweet taste.

Why Joly Red?

  • Joly Red is a delicious, sweet, crispy apple
  • Joly Red Is big, has a round shape and a beautiful red color
  • Joly Red has a popular taste
  • Joly Red can be stored longer

More information?

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