FruitMasters represents the best of man and nature. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is in our DNA and is about how we run our core business as a marketing organisation.  The following four pollars forms the basis for the daily activities of all our employees concerning our sustainability policy:

  1. Involved employer
  2. Durable and environmentally conscious
  3. Conscious cultivation
  4. Healthy promotion

This attention to sustainability complies with ISO 14001 certificate.

ISO 14001 - FM EN 2025


Durable and environmentally conscious

Together with our members and customers, work on a sustainable fruit chain with due consideration for the people, the environment and achieving a good return. We continue to work closely together on innovative solutions that contribute to sustainability throughout the chain. Our focus is on three priority areas:

  1. Water: Starting from cultivation till the basis of our end product. We are conscious about the use of water because it plays a major role throughout the chain. We pick up innovative initiatives to save water.
  2. Waste: FruitMasters focuses on reducing waste in the supply chain and the reuse/recycling of packing materials.
  3. Energy: Fruit Masters stimulates the sustainable use of energy

Conscious cultivation

FruitMasters and its members aim at conscious cultivation with sustainability in mind. We are therefore working on the following points:

  • To guarantee traceability in the chain, FruitMasters works with a customised system for its members. This ensures a transparent working method for grower and customer.
  • Growers use minimum crop protection products by using tractors with GPS, spray computers and low-drift nozzles.
  • Growers invest in new, energy efficient warehouses, cooling and tractors with lower fuel consumption.
  • Bees are encouraged by planting flowers round the edge of the plots.
  • Growers focus on biodiversity through wind hedges, nesting boxes and insect hotels, for example.
  • FruitMasters has its own testing ground for research, because it considers innovation and quality improvement of vital importance.

Healthy promotion

FruitMasters encourages the sale of fruit through various marketing activities. We believe in the good of fruit. Living without borders. We believe in fruit for everyone, everywhere. FruitMasters provides fresh fruit straight from the source to the world’s population every day. The world is our fruit bowl.

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