Future-proof power apple

A new apple, yet remarkably familiar. With a rose-red blush. And a fresh, sweet, tingling, crunchy bite. Named after a healthy blush and blossom in spring. A real power apple in the orchard. Grown out of love for the apple lover and the planet. Have we made you curious?

Bloss® is to love

  • Perfectly balanced taste and aroma
  • Delicious firm and crunchy bite with a sweet, tingling, juicy taste.
  • Future-proof, robust.
  • Very high purchase intention (4.1/5*) & rating (7.3/9*) in independent taste tests
  • Locally grown hero.
  • High value for money perception.
  • Appealing and recognizable brand experience.
  • Sustainable packaging.

*2023 Consumer survey (N=241) among 25 apple varieties by Essensor

Welcome to the future

Robust apple varieties are the future. The tasty and robust genes of crossing parents SQ195 (Magic Star®) and Honeycrisp (HoneyCrunch®) have united in this new apple. Bloss® is naturally scab resistant and robust against mildew, two major challenges in modern fruit growing. The first results in terms of resistance to drought and heat are also positive.

Combined with the excellent rating in independent taste studies, this allows us to confidently label Bloss® as future-proof with sustainability in mind.

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