With its maritime climate, the Netherlands is ideally located for the cultivation of pears. The most popular pear in the Netherlands is the Conference. In fact, 50% of all Dutch pears are of this variety. Because FruitMasters are specialists, we can fulfil the wishes of various markets. Pears are available in different sizes, from small to large, enabling us to meet the needs of different countries. FruitMasters links the quality to the customer. To achieve this, our pears – both eaters and cookers – are cultivated to customer specifications.

Pear assortment - Dutch pears

Pear cultivation

Pears grow with the utmost care by a large number of Dutch growers in regions featuring rich soil. Here, the soil is naturally rich in minerals and retains sufficient water to allow the trees to grow lushly. This produces a delicious taste and excellent quality of the fruit. Continuous quality control ensures perfect pears.

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