The name Migo®

The Migo® pear is a cross between the Conference and the Doyenné d’hiver pear. The name Migo® is a combination of ‘mi’ on the ‘go’. Migo® is recognisable from its bright green colour and firm bite. Its long shelf life and constant quality mean you can take the Migo® pear with you anywhere.

The story of Migo®

The Migo® story began many years ago, when we spoke to both pear lovers and pear haters. We asked real pear lovers what they wanted. We even listened to pear haters. Why don’t they eat pears? Their reaction was clear: ‘We would be happy to eat pears, but they need to be less messy, have a longer shelf life, a longer constant quality and they must be juicy! And whilst apples aren’t quite as tasty, they’re valued for how incredibly convenient they are. Migo®, the friendly pear combines the best of both worlds. It is the pear that makes your life a little bit sweeter, crunchier, more entertaining, and can be eaten whenever and wherever you want. The Migo® pear is an innovative pear and available exclusively at FruitMasters.


“Crunchy like an apple, tastes like a pear!”


What makes Migo special?

The perfect snack

Migo® pears are the perfect snack: sweet, fresh and healthy. And thanks to being high in fibre they fill you up and keep you full. Every bite is refreshing and full of vitamins. It really us age perfect snack.

Anytime and anywhere

Migo® offers all of the taste, with none of the drip. You can take your Migo® with you and can be eaten wherever and whenever you want. A great companion for at the gym, school, beach, at home, or wherever else.

Always tasty

Migo® pears are unique: they’re ripe and ready to eat the moment you buy them. And they stay that way for a really long time. Consistently ready and consistently tasty. Some might say they’re the perfect pear.

A pear with personality

Migo® is the friendly pear, with all the flavour with none of the mess. But not only is it sweet, crunchy, perfectly shaped, with great colour and texture… It’s also entertaining in everything it says and does. Migo® is the pear with personality.

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