Bloss® – Grown to be loved

The Crispiness that keeps you hooked

The eating experience of the Bloss® is unraveled, the pronounced and unique texture combined with the excellent crispy flesh makes it a very special apple. The juicy and fresh Bloss® with it’s fruity aroma will keep you wanting to take another bite over and over again. Make sure you grab the last one before someone else does!

Sustainable power apple

The accurate and robust genes of crossing parents SQ159 (Magic Star®) and Honeycrisp (HoneyCrunch®) have united in Bloss® / variety name Wurtwinning. This newcomer is naturally robust against scab and mildew. The first sustainable results for drought and heat are also positive

Breed description

Bloss® is an aromatic and sweet-smelling apple with a slightly sour and tingling truth. It is a bi-colored variety with a natural look and a rosé combined to red color with pronounced lenticels. This variety has a light haze on the skin, which largely disappears during the ripening process.

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