KANZI® apples are nature’s collectors of solar energy that belong into every fruit bowl, into every meal plan and every snack break. It’s also rather handy that they fit into a backpack or sports bag. With their sweet and sour taste and crunchy bite, KANZI® apples are instantly refreshing. They give you just the right energy to keep going. Take a moment to recharge. Take a bite. And experience The Power of Great Taste.

The name KANZI®

KANZI® literally means ‘hidden treasure’. The secret of the KANZI® apple is in its Gala and Braeburn parentage. The KANZI® apple has received the best characteristics from both parents. KANZI® can be recognised by its typical red blush and optimum sweet and sour balance. The yellowish-white flesh of KANZI® is very juicy and crisp.

KANZI® is grown in thirteen countries around the world by hundreds of selected growers. And whenever and wherever possible, we make sure that our apples are produced in the countries and regions where we sell them. Our orchards are carefully selected for the soil, climate and artisan skills of the growers. We cultivate our trees with care and pay particular attention to ensure they have the space and light necessary to develop apples full of flavour and of exceptional quality. The apples are only harvested and carefully packed when they are perfect, have the renowned red peel and are just right in terms of maturity.

  • KANZI® is the second largest apple brand in the world
  • Our apples need to comply with 18 quality criteria to be classified as a KANZI®
  • Our apples are a natural cross between the sweet Gala and the tangy Braeburn.
  • KANZI® apples keep their firmness for longer than other apples.

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