Blackberries are juicy and very rich in minerals. The mildly sweet fruit has a characteristic aroma. It’s a so-called aggregate fruit, composed of small drupelets. The dense foliage of the blackberry bush hides many thorns. Everyone will agree that large blackberries are the most delicious.

Cultivation of blackberries

Blackberries are indigenous in Europe as well as North America. For centuries, people have gone ‘blackberrying’, but the cultivation of brambles did not start until relatively recently. The varieties that were imported into Europe during the 19th century proved to be eminently suitable for cultivation.

They are cultivated out in the open as well as in greenhouses and tunnels. Thanks to a range of cultivation methods, blackberries are available throughout the year. The blackberry bush flowers from the end of May until September. After flowering, bees and bumblebees ensure pollination. The grower monitors the entire process, from the planting of the bush to the product on the shelves. This close attention assures the highest possible quality.

Several varieties

Loch tail
Taste: sweet
Cultivation: indoors
Availability: April-May
Loch Ness
Taste: sweet, yet acidic
Cultivation: indoors, outdoors (covered)
Availability: April-November
Taste: sweet
Cultivation: outside (covered)
Availability: August-September

Availability blackberries

availability blackberries

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