Redcurrants have an attractive shine and firm, flavoursome flesh and a refreshingly tart taste. You’ll love the bright red colour and the way it brightens up your dishes.

Redcurrant cultivation

Redcurrants are originally from Europe and Western Asia. They love sunshine and are not very fond of cold winters. They can be cultivated out in the open as well as in greenhouses and tunnels, which protect the berries from harsh weather conditions as well as birds. The redcurrant bush will flower in around April. When the tiny flowers have gone, around three months later, the red, shiny berries will appear. Growers are busy throughout the year to produce the highest quality of red berries. They start by choosing the right bush. Careful pruning, fertilising, thinning out of foliage and spraying will produce beautiful, large berries. Once the berries are ripe, the grower will pick them with the utmost precision in order to supply the very best quality.

Several varieties

Taste: slightly acidic
Cultivation: indoors and outdoors
Availability: March-December
Taste: Slightly tart to sweet
Cultivation: outdoors
Availability: June-July
Taste: sweet, yet acidic
Cultivation: indoors and outdoors
Availability: June-July
Taste: slightly tart
Cultivation: outdoors
Availability: July-April

Availability redcurrants

availability redcurrants

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