A raspberry is a so-called aggregate fruit, composed of small drupelets. The Dutch raspberry is pinkish red with a unique flavour and velvety aroma. This gem among fruits is a great treat to eat. In addition, its nutritional value is universally praised.

Raspberry cultivation

Raspberries are originally from Europe, North America and Asia and were first cultivated back in the 16th century. After crossbreeding different varieties, which did not take place until the 18th century, they were produced on a large scale from the 19th century onward. There are two types of raspberries: the summer variety and the autumn variety. As a result, you can buy Dutch raspberries almost all year round. Summer and autumn varieties are cultivated in different ways. Summer raspberry bushes only grow stems during their first year and do not bear fruit until the second year. Autumn raspberries produce fruit from the very first year.

Fruit growers closely monitor the needs of the raspberry bush. For example, these bushes prefer a sunny location and a rich soil. The fruit is soft and vulnerable. These beautiful berries are therefore picked very carefully by hand.

Several varieties

Taste: sweet
Cultivation: indoors and outdoors
Availability: April-November
Taste: sweet
Cultivation: indoors and outdoors
availability: April-November
Glen Ample
Taste: sweet, yet tart
Cultivation: outdoors
Availability: June-August

Availability raspberries

availability raspberries

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